Sunday, January 12, 2014

Another Artful Post

So my journey with a paintbrush continues...
I participated in another small showing of my artwork 
just before the holiday season started this year. 
I painted four new paintings for this show.

Here they are...

An Apple a Day

acrylic on canvas

Sunday, October 6, 2013

My First Art Show

This past August I had my first ever art show...
yes I am just getting around to blogging about it. 
Life moves quickly!! 

For my birthday, some of my best girlfriends gave my this...

( sorry for the fuzzy is a copy of a copy) 

I featured my paintings at a local art gallery in the Fell Building in Bloomington
 for the month of August.
On August 16th my girlfriends threw a party for me
where they invited many friends for a private viewing.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pull Up A Chair

I am back...I have enjoyed my break from the computer, 
but have missed my blog!
And yours too!! :)

I decided that I would not put the added stress of 
keeping up with all my technology over the holidays on my shoulders.
 Hence the break.  

I knew that Christmas would be bittersweet this year
 as on Christmas day last year we lost my Dad to a sudden heart attack. 
So I decided that I would not stress myself out over all the things that didn't get done this year.
And believe me there were a lot of things! :/

Some of my decorating didn't get done,
 some of my shopping didn't get done, 
my Christmas cards didn't get done,
I did very little painting or creating,

(except a special gift for my siblings and a lamp for my daughter, 
which I will show you in a later post)

and I did no blogging...

So I tried my best to forget all that and embrace the season.
While I am never sure how much embracing I have done, I did get through the season. 
And knowing how difficult the first Christmas without my Dad might be,
this year I am happy to say that I just made it to the other side! :)

Now, I will spend the next week taking the Christmas decorations down that I did get up.
But...I am going to have a little Christmas of my own. 
I am going to leave my sweet little Nativity set out where I can constantly be reminded
of the Reason for the Season. 

Embracing, Beholding, Worshiping and Praising!
Christmas is everyday...right?! 
So, while so many are done with it, 
I am going to turn on my Christmas music this week, 
(in my nice quiet house, kids are back in school)
and celebrate the Birth of our Sweet Savior! <3 

I do want to share with you this project that I completed late November...

I think I paid 28$ for this not so attractive chair...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Littlest Biggest Fan

My youngest and littlest, is one of my biggest fans!

He is continually encouraging me. :)
He recently asked me if I would paint him a picture of a MOOSE

We love moose in our house...I guess because we spend a lot of time
in both Maine and Montana 
where these funny looking creatures are frequently seen. 

I love how perfectly imperfect they are. 
I love all the bumps in their nose and head and all along their back.
It reminds me that we are all perfectly imperfect 
and that it is all our "bumps" that make us so perfectly unique! :)

As I was almost finished with the project...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shades For The Birds

Providing some shade for the birds...

I bought these lamps from Target...
Don't you love Target?! They have the cutest things. 
Some of the housewares they have for the holiday season are adorable!!
I go in Target with the intention of buying just one thing...
it never works! 
By the time I get to the checkout my bill is quickly approaching the 100$ mark.
Sometimes I tell myself to just stay away from there! :)

Loved the lamps...I picked them up for some where around 25 or 30$
I don't really remember, I bought them a while back.
I wanted a tall slender base but, the shade was not what I was after...

So I ran into Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon
 and picked up a couple of those adhesive lamp shades they have.
I think they were around 12$ but I used my coupon so I got them for around 7$.
I had to go in 2 separate days 
because they will only let you use one coupon per day
which is kind of a pain...but I needed two shades.

Also, in case all you Hobby Lobby frequent shoppers didn't know
you can pull up your 40% off coupon on your phone and use it that way.
When I learned this, I was thrilled,
seeing as how I was always forgetting my printed coupon at home.

Back to my I cut out some birds from wool
and hand stitched them onto my fabric
 with a simple running stitch.

I used some basic embroidery stitches to create the branches
and I was ready to put them on the shades.
I am not an expert in this area, so the embroidery is far from perfect.
But sometimes I think that is the beauty of a project like this.
It makes it uniquely our own.

I had bought some really cute trim 
which was probably the part of my project that I spent the most on.

I sewed the bottom pleated ribbon on
and after turning the edges under the top edge of the shade 
I glued the top piece of trim on.

This part was all a little more difficult than I expected.
Seeing as how I should have added an extra inch to all sides of my fabric.
They were a little too small for the shades so I had to alter them a little.
But we live and learn...right?!
And I finally got them right...I love the way they turned out.

I think I probably spent a little over 120$, tops, for both lamps 
by the time I had the fabric, trim, shades and the lamp base.
But I have seen lamps like these 
in cute designer boutiques for 150$ a piece at least.
The lamps I wanted to purchase for this space were 200$ a piece.
And maybe they were prettier than mine, but mine are a close second.
So I am pleased! :)

Now I need a cute window treatment for that window! :)

This week I have been working on cleaning out some closets, drawers and the garage.

My furnace room had these 
six bags of crap (for lack of a better word) in there.  
That is a lot of stuff crammed into a small space.
Well now you could eat off the floor in there, it is so clean! :)

We have a dumpster coming to the house this next week 
for the rebuilding and remaking of our back deck.
I am taking full advantage of that dumpster while it is here!
And getting rid of more...crap. haha

Have a great weekend!

Blessings - Sara

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Painted PINK Passion

I scored this cute bedside table for only 40$

I had wanted to replace my daughter's bedside table for a while now.
She just had one of those round pressed board tables that had a fabric table cloth over the top.
It was in horrible shape, and the table cloth was filthy.
I could have scrubbed for a month of Sundays,
and it would never have been even slightly clean.
Unfortunately, I used a white fabric that at one time was pretty darn cute.
Not so much now. :/

So I dove into my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that I had recently purchased.
Mixed a little Old White with some Emperor's Silk
and came up with the perfect shade of pink for her bedroom.

I painted the table Old White first.
Over that my concoction of what I will call PINK Passion...

Then sanded back a little and waxed...

The final result...



Don't you love PINK!
And it only seems appropriate with it being Breast Cancer Awareness month.

My good friend Hope created these beautiful PINK charms 
for Breast Cancer Awareness...

You can find more of her creative work at 

Hope is one of the nicest girls I know and she is equally talented!
Full of inspiration and encouragement!!

Looking forward to the weeks ahead...

I have purchased a few more pieces of junk/antique furniture for a song...

and can't wait to get started.

Don't know exactly how I am going to paint these...haha :)

This little table will also be for Megan's room.
I forgot to take a before picture...ugh.
So I have already started to paint it, as you can see.

Thanks to my good friend Angee, once again, I got the perfect piece for this project.
Megan needed a little table next to her dressing mirror, 
but it could not stick out into the room too far.

I am going to paint it PINK and green.
It is tiny...but the perfect size for her to put her makeup in.

I have put a little extra time into Megan's room lately as she is already a Junior...
and I can not believe starting to think about college. 
Maybe before she actually leaves home I will be able to call her room done...haha.
She has the typical teenage room 
with pictures of friends stuck on any and all the extra wall space.
And of course a poster of the ever so handsome Luke Bryan!!

It is not the kind of room that would be in your latest addition of House Beautiful
but it is HER room, and hopefully when she has flown the coop
a room she will want to come home to.

Isn't that all that a mother really wants...

for her children to want to come home!!

Blessings -

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Feeling Blue

Oh...not that kind of blue :(

Ok well maybe a little. Only because I have been so busy that my blog
has gone on the back burner a bit. Ugh! :(

I have missed you all.  Hopefully the coming week will be better.

I have not even had time to really do any fun creative projects.

But...I did finally bust out the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. 
Thanks to my sweet friend Angee's encouragement!

So this is what I meant by blue...

This past Friday my boys had the day off for Fall Break 
and two of my bestest friends and their boys came over to spend the afternoon.

With a little push from Angee, I opened up my cans of paint.
We really had no clue what we were going to do. 

So we found this little table in the basement that I have had for 
a very long time...maybe 10 years or so.

Always with the intention of painting it...
I had even started it a couple of times. 
I had tried several colors.
But not liking any of the results I was getting, I put it down,
throwing it in the Unfinished Projects by Sara pile.

In this house we call that UPS. 
So UPS had made yet another delivery, adding to my growing heap.

Praise the Lord, my heap has one less item in it. 

I don't have any before pictures and actually,
 after taking an ASCP class today with four of my most fun friends ever,
I am going to work on it a little more.

However, it could be called "done", so I am happy to say it is no longer an UPS. :)

This paint is forgiving, fast, fun and fabulous!
If you have not tried it, I would totally encourage you to give it a try.

Here are some pictures of my table now that it is "done"...

I apologize for the quality of them...I took them from my cell phone.

I definitely need to perfect my technique, but I love my little table.
And after having it in my basement for the past ten years or so
I am thrilled to have it in my family room
 so that when we start a fire I have a place to set down my hot tea :)
That just makes me happy!!

Today, my friends and I had the best time taking this ASCP class 
and I am so excited to put what I learned to good use.

I am walking around my house wondering what I can paint next :)
I hope I don't end up painting the dog...or my friend Kim's sunglasses. Hehe!
( I put that in there just for you Kim - XOXO)

Mary, Kari and I made a pit stop at the junk/antique store after getting back from our class.
Kari scored a couple of great items to use her new paint on.
She already has a drop cloth on the driveway with her first project ready to go.
Can't wait to see her results!!

I guess I had better get busy!

I'll be back with more soon...I have lot's of painting to do!! :)...
amongst a few other things I have in that UPS pile.

Blessings - Sara

One more note...
THANK YOU so much to all my new followers 
and for everyone's sweet comments on my previous posts!
They did not go unnoticed.  Life just got a little too crazy!!
But a good kind of crazy because it was all about my kids :)