Sunday, July 29, 2012

In the Spirit

Upon our arrival at Foster's Point, our perfect, summer, family vacation spot, 
we learned that my Uncle Phil was not well and 
would probably only make it a few more days at best.
 He had been battling for quite some time now.  Our Heavenly Father took him on 
Tuesday, July 24th.
He will be greatly missed!! We loved him very much!

Here he is with his lovely Bride, Sue Wettengel
Summer 2011

I have wonderful memories of him both here on Foster's Point in the summer time
and in Wisconsin where my family visited the Wettengel family for an 
occasional snow skiing trip.

We, the Pliskes, were not able to join the family for his funeral services
in Savanah, GA this week. We are very sad about that!!
We are with them in prayer and spirit!

This morning I was crying to my sweet husband that we could not be there.
He assured me that everything works out for the best...
He is 90% of the time "CORRECT", rest assured I am happy to
take credit for the other 10%...hehe

Not knowing what was in store on this wet, cloudy, yucky day, we got in the boat 
and made a trip up to the local store for some breakfast/lunch.
When we returned to the point Tim dropped Megan, Ben and I off at the camp.
Tim and Nathan were going to take a ride along the other shore,
 but turned around quickly, yelling at me...
"get your camera and get in the boat!"
When we turned the corner at the end of the point this is what we saw...

there he was...
my Uncle Phil...In the Spirit!
watching over and protecting The Point!
God does the most miraculous things
It was a beautiful sight!!

Here he is being pestered by an Osprey.  Also a beautiful bird.
Something I may never see again in my lifetime.
All here at Foster's Point, Belgrade Lakes, ME

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

My husband was correct...everything works out for the best!
If we had been in Savanah we would not have been here to see my
Uncle Phil's great and beautiful Spirit...
and then to share it with you all!!

Much love to all -

In Loving Memory of 
Philip Lee Wettengel
January 29, 1930 - July 24, 2011

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reach For The Sky

So I finished my painting. 
Here it is...

titled... "Reach for the Sky"

I love how the coneflowers in my own garden stretch up over all my other flowers 
and try to touch the sky!! 
It inspires me to do my own stretching and reaching and...growing! <3

This morning I prepped a bunch of canvases with gesso...
So now they are ready to paint.

Now I just need a little inspiration! 

In the meantime maybe I should clean up my crazy, messy craft room.
It might be nice to come back from our vacation to a clean, tidy space. :)

It's a jungle in there!!

Well, I have yet to pack up for our annual trip to Maine <3!
Two weeks of sweet Lake Life!! with my sweet family!

Maine - Summer 2011

That is my sweet Mom and Dad,
and my babies.

We lost my Dad this past Christmas day to a massive heart attack.
He adored Maine...his favorite spot in the whole world!!
And if you have been understand why.
It is truly a little slice of heaven!!
We can't wait to get there, but my Dad will be greatly missed.
It will be a bitter sweet time this year!

We leave Friday...and yup, you know it, I haven't even begun to think about packing.
Getting started on that chore today...maybe?!?

So, it may be a few days before I post again.
In the meantime, hope you have time to relax and enjoy life for a few days, 
as our summer is quickly coming to an end. :(

God Bless - Sara

Monday, July 16, 2012

Work In Progress

I love getting up earlier than the sun! It is a quiet that brings great peace to my day. :)
And it is a few hours in the morning that I can hold a paint brush with out putting it down
because one of my children has called..."Mom, Mom, I need you"

Not complaining, it is my favorite job in the whole world 
and my babies will be gone before I know it. :( 

My daughter left for cross country camp yesterday morning. 
They went west, to Colorado. 
Anyway she texted me after arriving and informed me that her mind is made up...
she is going to school out there.  
haha...that will probably change more than a few times 
between now and the time she graduates. 
But, I can't believe we are even starting to look at colleges
 for my almost 17 year old daughter!

Time Flies!!

Anyway back to my morning...
I am working on this painting. 
First I sketched it out on a sheet of paper...

then sketched it on to the canvas, which I know is hard to see here...

And now adding background and details...

I will be back with the finished project later. 
Not really sure what I am going to do with it...haha
Maybe I will hang it on our sleeping porch.

Have a great day!! :)


Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Hairy Topic

So last fall I started loosing all my hair because of this thyroid thing. :(
So the topic of my hair has been a little hairy...Hehe :)

Anyway, I have this great hairdresser who has helped me with some clip in hair extensions that I have actually really enjoyed! My hair was fine and thin to begin with,
 so having a thick head of hair has been kinda fun. 
Actually, I have become quite the hair extension snob and now have a short set and a long set.

I have just enough hair to clip these in but not enough to get the kind that are sown in.
 So I have to take them out while sleeping, showering, 
swimming etc. and I don't wear them while exercising.
We are going to our lake home in Maine next week and I will be spending
 a lot of time in the boat and in the water,
not sure my extensions will fair well.
 So I decided to make a few headband /hankies for my hair,
or I should say for my head, since hair is a ?able thing for me.

I purchased this one in Memphis when we visited at the beginning of the summer.

I really like it, but I thought I could make some more that I could doll up a little. So I gathered 
some fabric, ribbon and trim that I had in my stash.

And started...

- So here is my first one -

I think this will be great for the boat 
and I wont have to worry about loosing my extensions in the lake!

I will put up some more pics when I am finished making some more.

Also you can see that I have been playing with a photo editor on my computer. I have been using 
So far I am just experimenting, but I am liking what I can do with my pictures.
Hopefully, I will develop a style for my blog that I really like and that you will too!

Thanks for checking in - Sara

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My First Blog Post...

So excited to finally have this up and running! Hopefully I will get better at it as I go...

I am excited to share with you all my art, creations
 and inspiration along the way...

I am a " jack of all trades " so to speak, which I guess makes me
an amateur at a lot of things and an expert at...not so much. :)
I guess that keeps my journey interesting and forever changing.

But I know when to laugh at myself and I know what I love...
I love to create all things beautiful, and I know that beauty is in
 the eye of the beholder!! 

I wanted to share a couple of things with you before I call it a day. So...

here is a sampling of some handbags I have done in the past. I love to sew! And making handbags is probably one of my favorite items to create.

I am calling it a night for now...but please check back with me!!
I plan to share so much more!