Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Hairy Topic

So last fall I started loosing all my hair because of this thyroid thing. :(
So the topic of my hair has been a little hairy...Hehe :)

Anyway, I have this great hairdresser who has helped me with some clip in hair extensions that I have actually really enjoyed! My hair was fine and thin to begin with,
 so having a thick head of hair has been kinda fun. 
Actually, I have become quite the hair extension snob and now have a short set and a long set.

I have just enough hair to clip these in but not enough to get the kind that are sown in.
 So I have to take them out while sleeping, showering, 
swimming etc. and I don't wear them while exercising.
We are going to our lake home in Maine next week and I will be spending
 a lot of time in the boat and in the water,
not sure my extensions will fair well.
 So I decided to make a few headband /hankies for my hair,
or I should say for my head, since hair is a ?able thing for me.

I purchased this one in Memphis when we visited at the beginning of the summer.

I really like it, but I thought I could make some more that I could doll up a little. So I gathered 
some fabric, ribbon and trim that I had in my stash.

And started...

- So here is my first one -

I think this will be great for the boat 
and I wont have to worry about loosing my extensions in the lake!

I will put up some more pics when I am finished making some more.

Also you can see that I have been playing with a photo editor on my computer. I have been using 
So far I am just experimenting, but I am liking what I can do with my pictures.
Hopefully, I will develop a style for my blog that I really like and that you will too!

Thanks for checking in - Sara


  1. So cute Sara! Does the strap go behind your hair - kinda like a headband?

    You are always so creative!!


    1. Yes, like a headband. Maybe I will model one or better yet, get Megan to! hehe

  2. oh the dreaded worst thing....maybe you can help me!!! I don't think there is hope for me!