Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reach For The Sky

So I finished my painting. 
Here it is...

titled... "Reach for the Sky"

I love how the coneflowers in my own garden stretch up over all my other flowers 
and try to touch the sky!! 
It inspires me to do my own stretching and reaching and...growing! <3

This morning I prepped a bunch of canvases with gesso...
So now they are ready to paint.

Now I just need a little inspiration! 

In the meantime maybe I should clean up my crazy, messy craft room.
It might be nice to come back from our vacation to a clean, tidy space. :)

It's a jungle in there!!

Well, I have yet to pack up for our annual trip to Maine <3!
Two weeks of sweet Lake Life!! with my sweet family!

Maine - Summer 2011

That is my sweet Mom and Dad,
and my babies.

We lost my Dad this past Christmas day to a massive heart attack.
He adored Maine...his favorite spot in the whole world!!
And if you have been understand why.
It is truly a little slice of heaven!!
We can't wait to get there, but my Dad will be greatly missed.
It will be a bitter sweet time this year!

We leave Friday...and yup, you know it, I haven't even begun to think about packing.
Getting started on that chore today...maybe?!?

So, it may be a few days before I post again.
In the meantime, hope you have time to relax and enjoy life for a few days, 
as our summer is quickly coming to an end. :(

God Bless - Sara


  1. The painting is lovely! I especially like how you added the blue in it.

    Your photos of the garden are beautiful - nothing of mine looks that good with this drought!

    Do you stretch your own canvas? I have the stretcher tool - if you can imagine that! Me- with all the tools and not an ounce of the talent that you have - my girl!


    1. I have no doubt you have every tool in the book!! I am going to come and raid that garage of yours...I know I can find it in there somewhere! hehe

  2. ....I miss your craft room....I have such fond memories of our time in there crafting away for Youth for Christ making those pray always bracelets. That was such fun!