Monday, July 16, 2012

Work In Progress

I love getting up earlier than the sun! It is a quiet that brings great peace to my day. :)
And it is a few hours in the morning that I can hold a paint brush with out putting it down
because one of my children has called..."Mom, Mom, I need you"

Not complaining, it is my favorite job in the whole world 
and my babies will be gone before I know it. :( 

My daughter left for cross country camp yesterday morning. 
They went west, to Colorado. 
Anyway she texted me after arriving and informed me that her mind is made up...
she is going to school out there.  
haha...that will probably change more than a few times 
between now and the time she graduates. 
But, I can't believe we are even starting to look at colleges
 for my almost 17 year old daughter!

Time Flies!!

Anyway back to my morning...
I am working on this painting. 
First I sketched it out on a sheet of paper...

then sketched it on to the canvas, which I know is hard to see here...

And now adding background and details...

I will be back with the finished project later. 
Not really sure what I am going to do with it...haha
Maybe I will hang it on our sleeping porch.

Have a great day!! :)



  1. Sara,

    You KNOW that would work perfect in Tori's room - hahaha! You could have your first SOLD painting - if you're ready to make it a business!

    Your artistic talent continues to inspire me!


  2. I can't wait for 'girlfriends on the farm''s going to be so fun!