Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Fresh Start

My mother always said that the start of school was like her New Year's.
Now a mother of three, I totally get that. 
For me, when the kids head back to school I am looking forward to a fresh, new start.
This is when I set new goals for myself. And this year is no different.

After a year of tough, personal setbacks for myself,
 I am more than ready to begin a new.
I am glad to have a clean slate. 
I had some health issues this past school year that completely wiped me out.
Not to mention the death of my father on Christmas Day.
And then following all of that, I lost both my Aunt and my Uncle.

That is what I am doing...taking a deep breath!
and finally coming up for air! :)
I am finally healthy and recovering from the loss of my loved ones.

I am excited to have some new goals...spiritual, physical and personal.
I am going for the GOLD this year! 

I sent my 16 year old daughter back to school this past Thursday
 and my boys (13 and 11) back yesterday.

(Ben is having a tough time with a smile here. Haha)

 I am ready to start again.

Praise Jesus for a fresh start and praise Jesus that just by knowing Him
we get a clean slate everyday!

I think that is cause for celebration...

don't you think?!

this is my latest completed painting :)

I have lots of things in mind for the fall...

Here are some collections of things I picked up from our vacation in Maine.
I will be very busy and loving every minute...:) 


can't wait to get started!

Lots of "junk"!  
Can't believe my husband let me bring all this
home to Bloomington, IN from Maine. 
And this isn't even all of it. :)

But he is good to me and understands my need to CREATE!!

Grabbing some more coffee and getting busy...

Have a blessed day!


  1. Oh Sara, you are so ready to get busy! I still haven't figured out yet what to do with myself!

    I wish I had your creative mind!


  2. ....now Jeff on the other hand would be out pilfering because he would see it as free!! He would then think we needed to buy another trailer & then add another ball & hitch if there wasn't one on the car we were driving adding more expense to our trip just for the 'nature items' I was collecting for my 'projects' because they might earn me some money. I guess he does value my worth?? Or maybe he has a sweat shop mentality??? I dunno?? Cool stuff Sara....love those neat bouyies!!