Friday, August 24, 2012

There Is A Silver Lining In Her Boot


Megan has a stress fracture!! :(
very disappointing news

She has been running on it for at least a few weeks now.
Bless her heart...
I can't imagine how much that hurt!!
But my Megan is one tough girl and she loves to run, 
so she will do just about anything so that she can.

Unfortunately, this pretty much wipes out her cross country season.
Needless to say we have been pretty bummed around here.


We have been working on 
looking on the bright side,
trying to find the positive in the negative,


Good news...

We found some!!

She met this really great girl who teaches water aerobics, 
which she has wanted to do for awhile now. 
But she just hasn't had the time or the motivation.
Guess what, she found some! :)
Believe it or not she said it was a really hard workout.

She also has always wanted to do some sprint triathlons 
but struggles with the swimming part of it.
So now she has time to work on that.

In addition, she has always wanted to start a blog about her running and fitness.
She will start that soon.  I will let you all know when she does.
She is passionate about her life as a runner so it should be a great blog!!

Also, she is very creative,
 so she is going to take pictures of all her teammates during the season
and put together a video for the team.

And last but not least...
when she is all better
She will be able to run without the pain!!!
That is best of all! 

The day we received the news about Megan's stress fracture
I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the best girlfriends 
for love and support! :)

My sweet friend Kim, had a beautiful lunch at her home.
They just finished putting a pool in their backyard.
We felt like we were at a resort for the afternoon. 

The setting was perfect, 

the food was delicious,

the mojitos were fabulous

and the company...

it was the BEST!!

I am blessed to have such great friends!
And I thank God for them everyday!! :)

one last thing...
I am excited to tell you that I purchased some
Annie Sloan chalk paint today!
I can't wait to try it out.
photo via annie sloan blog

I bought the original white and the aubusson blue.

Will keep you posted!

Blessings -


  1. thanks for sharing about made me stop & think to always think about another door opening. Lincolns silver lining will be coaching the squirts hockey team since he can no longer play hockey, his passion since he was 3 because of too many concussions, a devastating blow....but a silver lining when you think about it. Thanks for a new perspective.

  2. so sorry about megan, sara:( friends are the best, huh?--and what a beautiful spot to spend time with them! you'll love that paint:)

  3. Awe thanks friends! New perspective is hard to find sometimes...but when we do, things always look brighter!
    Lynn - can't wait to open up my can of paint!!