Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well Done

There are few things in life I love more than a day on the lake...
or a day on the mountain! :)

We are returning to Maine this weekend for some time on the lake
My Uncle Phil's memorial service is on Saturday
and we will join friends and family to celebrate his life!

Although we are sad that he is no longer with us and he will be greatly missed
my family has no problem with celebrating a life!!
And by celebrate...I mean CELEBRATE!! :)

Twenty-three years ago we lost my twin brother, Scott Foster, at the age of 22.
He left our world for his eternal home on this very weekend all those years ago.
It is weird how what seems like forever ago can seem like yesterday.

We had a beautiful service for Scott in Indianapolis, 
that will never be erased from our memories!

But the real celebration began when all our family and friends returned to Maine
with Scott!!
Maine was Scott's slice of heaven here on earth and his resting place; 
as it is for all the Foster Family.
Scott would not have wanted us to mope around the lake mourning his death
...hence the celebration began!
We had a grand old time!
It was a beautiful weekend and we loved every minute we had together,
as Scott looked down on us from heaven saying...


Scott knew how to celebrate life better than anyone I know!

So on that note...let the celebrating begin, Uncle Phil.

I know you and Scott, and my Father (who died this past christmas), 
my Aunt Mary (who we lost this past spring) and my Uncle Vernon 
will be looking down and saying...


and I will bet on it, doing a little celebrating of their own! :)

Love that our God is so good!
and allows for a little...ok maybe a lot...of joy
even in the middle of our grief! 

These pictures of my brother are pictures of pictures, so they are not real clear.
But you can see his passion for waterskiing and the lake here!

this is my very handsome Uncle,
Phil Wettengel

You will be forever missed and loved!

See you all at the lake!!

Speaking of the lake...

 I scored these great sailboats at the junk/antique store the other day!
I just love them. They will find the perfect spot in our home.
And I will enjoy how they reflect my family's love for the lake. :)

Here are some others that I have acquired over the years...

Here is my favorite...

This one is not old...but I really liked it anyway.

Before signing off...

I wanted to share with you my pumpkin wreath that I was showing you on my last post.
Here is how it turned out...

I am painting more pumpkins white to finish off some of my fall decorating.

And I am pleased to inform you that I have been working on that wedding gift...
and I think I am going to actually like the way it turns out! sigh of relief! :)

I will post more about it later.

But my mind is already moving to my next project.
My daughters birthday is coming up so...

I think I will be making these into some cute birthday candles.

I am running out of time so I have to get busy!

Wait, one more thing...

I wanted to share with you this blog...

This woman of faith is a sweet, old friend of mine, who is an incredibly talented writer!
Check out her website! :)

She is precious!
and her first novel comes out soon...I will be first in line for it!

See you all when I get back from Maine,
Love to all! <3



  1. Oh My Precious Friend~
    Loved seeing your twin Scott. Thanks so much for sharing. I have always known of his passing but had never seen a photo of him. Your faith is so beautiful & courageous. I want to have strength like you...such passion for His word. You are giving me renewal...I love reading your posts. I see so much of you in the photo of Scott. I love it!

  2. Hi Sara, I'm so sorry for your losses. They seemed like wonderful men! I love looking at your sailboat collection they remind me of my hometown in Michigan. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving such kind and encouraging comments. I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of celebration.

  3. Sara, drop me an email. You are a no reply blogger and I will give you a link to fix that.