Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Thankful Pumpkin

I am so THANKFUL for all of life's little blessings including


Dont' pumpkins just have a way of making you smile :) ?
They do for me! 
And I am THANKFUL for them!!

I don't much care what size they are, or what color they are,
or weather or not they are real or the fake ones you can get at the dollar store,
or if they are decorated or if they are painted.
They just plain old make me happy!

Admittedly though I am kinda into the white ones!!

The other day I made my husband stop at a roadside farmers market 
on our way to the COLTS game 
to pick up a couple of these white pumpkins for my front door step.
Not exactly what he had in mind.

I have even spent some time PAINTING my pumpkins WHITE this season.
Both real ones and fake ones. 

But PINK pumpkins are beginning to steal my heart away!
I have seen lots of  pumpkins painted PINK lately...
and not only do they make me smile but they just warm my heart! <3

I gave it a whirl...

I have been really into those battery operated candles lately.
The real thing is a million times better, and I love candles...
but I never use them because either I don't have time or I get nervous.

THANKFUL for battery operated candles :)

So to give my daughter a cute little night light 
I put one of those candles underneath the globe...

It turned out cute, I think. 
Pretty much everything is cute in PINK.


So I was on a roll with the painted pumpkin thing and kept going...

I added a little scripture to live by...

Colossians 3:17
(just realized I spelled Colossians wrong...ugh)
oh well...that may or may not get fixed. Haha.
That will teach me to use my spell check! :)

THANKFUL for spell check!

In my latest blog I mentioned I would be working on my
fall table scape for my dining room. 

I have been a busy bee...
I finally finished it up! YAY!!

So here it is...

the technique for the stands...

I used the items above to make my little tiers or "cake stands" 

(the fun thing is that I could actually use them as cupcake stands later :))

I glued the pvc pipe to the slabs of wood and then glued the birch to the pvc pipe.
I used the gorilla glue for gluing the pvc to the wood,
but I used mod podge for gluing the birch on. 
It was a little tricky and required some patience,
but eventually I got it.

I frequently get in a rush and don't allow proper drying time.
this really needed to dry over night.

 There are those little battery operated candles again! :)
I mixed them in with some real ones.

I am pretty happy with the end result...
although I would love to make a table runner to go underneath it all.

Again, that may or may not get done. :)
Only time will tell. Haha

So one last note...

I was saying that I am taking time to be more THANKFUL for all the little things...



No matter their shape, size or color.

And I am even trying to be THANKFUL for all the little messes...
that my children leave behind for me to clean up.

They start an activity or project or whatever it is they are doing...
and they just leave it behind...
on the floor, on the kitchen counter, in the mudroom, 
( what did we have those little built in cubbies made for? )
 or in the driveway for me to run over!

Like pogo sticks! :)

My son has been trying to master the art of "pogo sticking" with no hands. :/
He has spent numerous hours on it now.
BUT...every morning it is in the middle of the driveway for me to run over. 
BUT...all to soon it will all be gone and I will want it all back.


 I am THANKFUL for 
pogo sticks and messes!! :)

May you realize the blessings of a mess today!

Much love - 

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  1. Sara,

    So funny you mentioned wanting to get a table runner because as I was reading and looking at your beautiful tablescape - I kept thinking - "SHE'S GOING TO SCRATCH HER TABLE!!!"

    You know I don't like scratches : )

    You've been working hard - looks great. Love Megan's "M" pumpkin too!


    1. Angee - you are so funny! I didn't even think about the scratches...haha. But you are right the runner will keep it from getting scratches. I don't mind scratches on my floors...haha...but not a big fan of one right in the middle of my dining room table. So I think my next project will be the runner :) Want to come help?

      XOXO - Sara

  2. What wonderful ideas; thanks for sharing!

  3. THANK YOU FOR ALL THOSE WONDERFUL IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i must do something similar. it would look fab in my place. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  4. Love the pink & green pumpkin for Megan's room! I'm not into Halloween yet....I wish I was. I think it's cause Lindsey's at IU & Lincoln doesn't really care???? I feel like a bad mom!!!

    1. Hope - What are you talking are one of the best moms I know! If you are a bad mom...I am afraid to think what that makes me. UGH!! Love you girl!!

      Blessings - Sara

  5. Love the pumpkins! So cute and cheery. Your tablescape is just lovely as well. Thank you for linking up to Inspiration Friday!


    1. Heather - I didn't get the button right. I read your instructions from your blogging 101, but it did not work. At least your graphic is at the end of my post for now. I will keep trying! :)

      Thanks - Sara

  6. Love the pink pumpkins! They make me smile ... and the cake stands are genius! PVC pipe is brilliant!



    1. Thanks for stopping by Linda! Pink makes me smile and pumpkins make me smile! :)

      Blessings - Sara

  7. Sara your take on the pumpkin is great for those who tire of the fall colors. Such style. I love your table vignette with the tree pieces. And you are right to enjoy the moments, even the ones where the toys are in the middle of the driveway. Those are gone for me already. Just like that!

  8. You come over anytime for that cup of tea! Oh! My poor is in desperate need of a clean-up! With all the remodeling, I shoved so much stuff in there! Guess it will go on the 'to do' list, too! Your pumpkins are so whimsical and fun! You should link it to Country Living's Pinterest board..they are having a pumpkin contest! Go to Country Living web site and click on 'Win' tab to link your pumpkins. It will go on their Pinterest board and people can vote with a 'like.' The most 'likes'wins a gift card to Micheals for $500! I linked! Your pumpkins are clever and unique! I loooove the wood cake stands..I may have to give that a try! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

    1. Christie - Thank you for coming over to my blog! and thanks so much for following!! Today it is my goal to check out the contest on Pinterest that you suggested. I hope it is still going on! I have been pretty busy so haven't had a chance to check it out yet! But getteg 'er done today :)

      Blessings - Sara

  9. You have so much creativity here! I love your sassy (and thankful) pumpkins! What fun!!!!
    Please stop by TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS my dyi linky going on now, and share your great pumpkins and table!

    1. Yvonne - Thank you so much for stopping by :) I linked up again this week. I have really enjoyed your parties!!

      Blessings - Sara

  10. Pinning those tree centerpieces.


    1. OK great...Thanks Bliss!! Hope all is well with you!
      Blessings - Sara