Sunday, September 16, 2012

Camps Closed For The Season

I am a little behind with this post...
but I think I have finally recovered from my trip to Maine.
Why is it that sometimes it can take more than a week to come back to reality?!
I really can't afford to be gone for that long...haha

It was an eventful labor day weekend
at Foster's Point in Belgrade Lakes, ME.

I mentioned in my previous post that we were
 returning to Maine to celebrate my 
Uncle Phil's life.

And that is exactly what we did! :)
It was a beautiful day for a memorial service
and lots of great memories of Uncle Phil were shared 
by friends and family.
It was a special time for a special man!

these are pictures of pictures...hence the quality is not the best.
I wanted to share them anyway

After the service my Aunt Sue had a luncheon 
for all of his friends and family
at the Village Inn in town.
It was the perfect gathering spot. 
Seeing as we have spent many an evening
at the Village in for food, drink, family, friends and dancing.

A typical gathering at the Village Inn during the summer months looks something like this...

These pictures are from the Summer of 2007
but every year is the same...the best of times!!

Belgrade Lakes is such a charming little town.
This late in the season it has a very different feel.
The streets were much more quite 
and the local store had only a few visitors.

It was kinda sad to me :(
You know that feeling?...
Like it is the end of something...
and yet you know if you are patient and you wait long enough...
it WILL return!
Praise God for that!!

After the luncheon we returned to the Point
and spent some time on the lake
followed by a cookout on the beach...getting rid of all the leftovers 
accumulated from the summer. 
At this point there is usually more ketchup and mustard
than there are buns, hotdogs or hamburgers.
But we do a good job finishing things off.

The next few days were filled with mostly lots of work
closing down camp.
We did, however, manage to have some fun in between.

And we even managed to get the boat house cleaned out.
It was very scary in there! 
Not sure it has ever been cleaned out!!
We worked together and had lots of laughs too.
We found vintage everything...
clocks, curtains and vaccum cleaners,
amongst other things...

The boys pulled out docks and the girls did lots of cleaning up 
and packing things away.

Mom and I made this cute little rock garden 
from all the rocks the kids painted over the summer!!
I just love it and can't wait to add more to it next summer. :)

As our family and friends started leaving...
a few more each day.
We grew more and more weary.
Mom, Chet and I were physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

On Tuesday, as we put the boats away in the barn...
which we pray is still standing next summer. :/
we noticed something had changed.
Chet looked at me and said...
"you know what happened this morning?...
fall arrived!"

He was right...for those who live in Maine 
fall was in the air.

And by the time I had packed up my bags
and was ready for my return flight on Wednesday 
the point was so quiet it was almost eerie. :(
And actually it felt more like winter was in the wind!

Goodbye for now, Belgrade, my summertime friend.
I shall return...
For now I will carry you in my heart,
until we return in the spring!

Thank you all for letting me share with you my trip to Maine.
Camp is now closed!!

Upon my return from Maine my front porch was not looking so good :(
The summer heat and the lack of my patience
 to continue to water had finally taken its toll on my flowers.
As you can see...

I have my work cut out for me for the next few weeks!
Lots of weeding and gardening,
and the usual laundry and cleaning
 and I will be working on getting out those fall decorations! :)

Hope to have a little time to create too!

Many Blessings - Sara


  1. endings to beginnings such a lovely post. i loved it. your family is so special. i'm leaving for handmade u this excited!
    many hugs~hope

  2. Sara, what a beautiful post. Makes me a little jealous of your lakeside family camp time. How cool to have such a great town to visit and enjoy with people you love. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle's passing. It's sad to see such beloved men leaving this world. I'm sure you have many fond memories of him. Thanks for sharing the moments and for stopping over at my blog today and leaving me your sweet comment!