Saturday, October 27, 2012

Painted PINK Passion

I scored this cute bedside table for only 40$

I had wanted to replace my daughter's bedside table for a while now.
She just had one of those round pressed board tables that had a fabric table cloth over the top.
It was in horrible shape, and the table cloth was filthy.
I could have scrubbed for a month of Sundays,
and it would never have been even slightly clean.
Unfortunately, I used a white fabric that at one time was pretty darn cute.
Not so much now. :/

So I dove into my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that I had recently purchased.
Mixed a little Old White with some Emperor's Silk
and came up with the perfect shade of pink for her bedroom.

I painted the table Old White first.
Over that my concoction of what I will call PINK Passion...

Then sanded back a little and waxed...

The final result...



Don't you love PINK!
And it only seems appropriate with it being Breast Cancer Awareness month.

My good friend Hope created these beautiful PINK charms 
for Breast Cancer Awareness...

You can find more of her creative work at 

Hope is one of the nicest girls I know and she is equally talented!
Full of inspiration and encouragement!!

Looking forward to the weeks ahead...

I have purchased a few more pieces of junk/antique furniture for a song...

and can't wait to get started.

Don't know exactly how I am going to paint these...haha :)

This little table will also be for Megan's room.
I forgot to take a before picture...ugh.
So I have already started to paint it, as you can see.

Thanks to my good friend Angee, once again, I got the perfect piece for this project.
Megan needed a little table next to her dressing mirror, 
but it could not stick out into the room too far.

I am going to paint it PINK and green.
It is tiny...but the perfect size for her to put her makeup in.

I have put a little extra time into Megan's room lately as she is already a Junior...
and I can not believe starting to think about college. 
Maybe before she actually leaves home I will be able to call her room done...haha.
She has the typical teenage room 
with pictures of friends stuck on any and all the extra wall space.
And of course a poster of the ever so handsome Luke Bryan!!

It is not the kind of room that would be in your latest addition of House Beautiful
but it is HER room, and hopefully when she has flown the coop
a room she will want to come home to.

Isn't that all that a mother really wants...

for her children to want to come home!!

Blessings -


  1. Sara! hi, I haven't seen you in such a long time. Welcome Back! Love the pink redo of the night stand!!!! Amazing.

    Yes Trunk or Treats are way fun. Everyone is in a great mood and creativity is limited to the car and the costumes and the weirdness is limited, too. I love the fun of Halloween and not so much the creepy part.

    1. Awe thanks Renae! I know I haven't been blogging as much lately! I miss it!! But we have been so busy. Fall sports have come to an end now, so hopefully I can get back to it!

      Blessings - Sara

  2. I LOVE pink! That night stand is so cute! I love that you are painting up all the ugly furniture & making it cute! It is just darling. I had NO idea it had such new life in it. You are a doll to post my charms....