Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Littlest Biggest Fan

My youngest and littlest, is one of my biggest fans!

He is continually encouraging me. :)
He recently asked me if I would paint him a picture of a MOOSE

We love moose in our house...I guess because we spend a lot of time
in both Maine and Montana 
where these funny looking creatures are frequently seen. 

I love how perfectly imperfect they are. 
I love all the bumps in their nose and head and all along their back.
It reminds me that we are all perfectly imperfect 
and that it is all our "bumps" that make us so perfectly unique! :)

As I was almost finished with the project...

 he informed me that he wanted the moose to be in the snow.
Although painting is probably the one thing I am most passionate about,
I am very much an amateur.
I have never had a painting lesson and I am self taught.
So...I was a little nervous about adding the snow.
But it is what he wanted and since he is always cheering me on,
I added the snow.
In the end the snow gave it just the right finishing touch and I was pleased.

Work in progress...

Ben loved the way it turned out.
And as always he reminded me that I needed to sell my paintings.
Which someday I may try, but for now I am content to paint for those I love.

I love that he comes to watch me paint
 and always takes such an interest in my next painting project.
We all need at least one cheerleader in our lives.
It just makes you feel good :)
And Ben's enthusiasm is a reminder for me to be a cheerleader for those I love!

Maybe someday he will be a painter...


My next request came from my daughter who is a runner.
She wants a painting with some runners in it.
I am anxious about this because I have never put people in a painting before.
But I will give it a try! :)

Here is my sketch...

I will let you know how it goes. :)

Today, my prayer for all of us, is that we will not be afraid to try something new
and that we will all have some encouragement by those we love.

AND...That, on this Election Day, we will all stand united in the outcome, 
knowing that God has the good and perfect plan and His will be done,
and that we will all be reminded of how truly blessed we are 
to live in such a Great Nation!!


And God Bless all of you - 



  1. Sara! oh, I thought you had a new post up. Notice the change in favicons of mine? LOL

    It was so nice to see you on my site! I have wondered where you have been. Blogging takes a ton of time and I really have to budget my time when I am at the computer or I end up being on the computer nearly 24/7! I always set a timer now and hurry and get things accomplished with a purpose when at the comp. It works for me.

    Now new posts ok? ok.