Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shades For The Birds

Providing some shade for the birds...

I bought these lamps from Target...
Don't you love Target?! They have the cutest things. 
Some of the housewares they have for the holiday season are adorable!!
I go in Target with the intention of buying just one thing...
it never works! 
By the time I get to the checkout my bill is quickly approaching the 100$ mark.
Sometimes I tell myself to just stay away from there! :)

Loved the lamps...I picked them up for some where around 25 or 30$
I don't really remember, I bought them a while back.
I wanted a tall slender base but, the shade was not what I was after...

So I ran into Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon
 and picked up a couple of those adhesive lamp shades they have.
I think they were around 12$ but I used my coupon so I got them for around 7$.
I had to go in 2 separate days 
because they will only let you use one coupon per day
which is kind of a pain...but I needed two shades.

Also, in case all you Hobby Lobby frequent shoppers didn't know
you can pull up your 40% off coupon on your phone and use it that way.
When I learned this, I was thrilled,
seeing as how I was always forgetting my printed coupon at home.

Back to my I cut out some birds from wool
and hand stitched them onto my fabric
 with a simple running stitch.

I used some basic embroidery stitches to create the branches
and I was ready to put them on the shades.
I am not an expert in this area, so the embroidery is far from perfect.
But sometimes I think that is the beauty of a project like this.
It makes it uniquely our own.

I had bought some really cute trim 
which was probably the part of my project that I spent the most on.

I sewed the bottom pleated ribbon on
and after turning the edges under the top edge of the shade 
I glued the top piece of trim on.

This part was all a little more difficult than I expected.
Seeing as how I should have added an extra inch to all sides of my fabric.
They were a little too small for the shades so I had to alter them a little.
But we live and learn...right?!
And I finally got them right...I love the way they turned out.

I think I probably spent a little over 120$, tops, for both lamps 
by the time I had the fabric, trim, shades and the lamp base.
But I have seen lamps like these 
in cute designer boutiques for 150$ a piece at least.
The lamps I wanted to purchase for this space were 200$ a piece.
And maybe they were prettier than mine, but mine are a close second.
So I am pleased! :)

Now I need a cute window treatment for that window! :)

This week I have been working on cleaning out some closets, drawers and the garage.

My furnace room had these 
six bags of crap (for lack of a better word) in there.  
That is a lot of stuff crammed into a small space.
Well now you could eat off the floor in there, it is so clean! :)

We have a dumpster coming to the house this next week 
for the rebuilding and remaking of our back deck.
I am taking full advantage of that dumpster while it is here!
And getting rid of more...crap. haha

Have a great weekend!

Blessings - Sara

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  1. Sara -- I absolutely LOVE this shade. You did an amazing job! Getting ready to G+ this, add I'm following you! {HUGS} Clydia

    1. thank you Clydia!! So glad to have you as a follower!! I am pretty new at this blogging thing and finding it is very time consuming but I love it so I am going to try to stick with it! So many fun girls in the blogging world :) and lots of creative ones too!!

      Blessings - Sara

  2. Sara,

    They turned out perfectly! I'm jealous of your many, many talents!!! Can't wait to see them in person!


  3. Sara I love your work. Great Job!!! You are many talents