Sunday, October 6, 2013

My First Art Show

This past August I had my first ever art show...
yes I am just getting around to blogging about it. 
Life moves quickly!! 

For my birthday, some of my best girlfriends gave my this...

( sorry for the fuzzy is a copy of a copy) 

I featured my paintings at a local art gallery in the Fell Building in Bloomington
 for the month of August.
On August 16th my girlfriends threw a party for me
where they invited many friends for a private viewing.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pull Up A Chair

I am back...I have enjoyed my break from the computer, 
but have missed my blog!
And yours too!! :)

I decided that I would not put the added stress of 
keeping up with all my technology over the holidays on my shoulders.
 Hence the break.  

I knew that Christmas would be bittersweet this year
 as on Christmas day last year we lost my Dad to a sudden heart attack. 
So I decided that I would not stress myself out over all the things that didn't get done this year.
And believe me there were a lot of things! :/

Some of my decorating didn't get done,
 some of my shopping didn't get done, 
my Christmas cards didn't get done,
I did very little painting or creating,

(except a special gift for my siblings and a lamp for my daughter, 
which I will show you in a later post)

and I did no blogging...

So I tried my best to forget all that and embrace the season.
While I am never sure how much embracing I have done, I did get through the season. 
And knowing how difficult the first Christmas without my Dad might be,
this year I am happy to say that I just made it to the other side! :)

Now, I will spend the next week taking the Christmas decorations down that I did get up.
But...I am going to have a little Christmas of my own. 
I am going to leave my sweet little Nativity set out where I can constantly be reminded
of the Reason for the Season. 

Embracing, Beholding, Worshiping and Praising!
Christmas is everyday...right?! 
So, while so many are done with it, 
I am going to turn on my Christmas music this week, 
(in my nice quiet house, kids are back in school)
and celebrate the Birth of our Sweet Savior! <3 

I do want to share with you this project that I completed late November...

I think I paid 28$ for this not so attractive chair...