Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pull Up A Chair

I am back...I have enjoyed my break from the computer, 
but have missed my blog!
And yours too!! :)

I decided that I would not put the added stress of 
keeping up with all my technology over the holidays on my shoulders.
 Hence the break.  

I knew that Christmas would be bittersweet this year
 as on Christmas day last year we lost my Dad to a sudden heart attack. 
So I decided that I would not stress myself out over all the things that didn't get done this year.
And believe me there were a lot of things! :/

Some of my decorating didn't get done,
 some of my shopping didn't get done, 
my Christmas cards didn't get done,
I did very little painting or creating,

(except a special gift for my siblings and a lamp for my daughter, 
which I will show you in a later post)

and I did no blogging...

So I tried my best to forget all that and embrace the season.
While I am never sure how much embracing I have done, I did get through the season. 
And knowing how difficult the first Christmas without my Dad might be,
this year I am happy to say that I just made it to the other side! :)

Now, I will spend the next week taking the Christmas decorations down that I did get up.
But...I am going to have a little Christmas of my own. 
I am going to leave my sweet little Nativity set out where I can constantly be reminded
of the Reason for the Season. 

Embracing, Beholding, Worshiping and Praising!
Christmas is everyday...right?! 
So, while so many are done with it, 
I am going to turn on my Christmas music this week, 
(in my nice quiet house, kids are back in school)
and celebrate the Birth of our Sweet Savior! <3 

I do want to share with you this project that I completed late November...

I think I paid 28$ for this not so attractive chair...

I painted it with my ASCP in old white first...

then created a light pink wash...

then a got my graphic ready to print on my fabric and sewed my pieces together for the seat...

added some cute trim and ribbon...

covered the seat and fastened back in the chair...

And here she is...

for now I will use her as my desk chair in my pantry/kitchen...

that's it...simple! :)

I am glad to be back.
 I have some fun projects in mind for the spring,
and a few other completed projects I want to share with you!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Can't wait to get back in touch with all my blogging friends!

Much love and blessings - 


  1. I love the new chair....it is precious! Trying to work on hair accessories...missing my workout trying to not get my trainer sick as he leaves for vacation on Thursday to visit his family in CA. Hope you had fun skiing!

  2. So glad to see you back; and glad you made it through the Christmas season. It's good that you honoured your grief for your father's passing and I pray that as time passes you will be able to focus on the joy you shared during the time you had together.

    The chair is beautiful; it's a special talent, being able to see the gem trapped in what another would call junk. =)

  3. Hi Sara! Thanks for stopping by for a visit! I enjoyed your post a lot. My Christmas was quite similar to yours for entirely different reasons, but I savored a lot after the fact too. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear Father. It's a special season to remember him. I hope you enjoy getting back to blogging. And knitting! :0)