Sunday, October 6, 2013

My First Art Show

This past August I had my first ever art show...
yes I am just getting around to blogging about it. 
Life moves quickly!! 

For my birthday, some of my best girlfriends gave my this...

( sorry for the fuzzy is a copy of a copy) 

I featured my paintings at a local art gallery in the Fell Building in Bloomington
 for the month of August.
On August 16th my girlfriends threw a party for me
where they invited many friends for a private viewing.

For much of the summer I spent my days and nights in my art room.
After much love and labor I had enough paintings for my show. 
It was worth every minute of work I put in.
The evening was spectacular. 
I was surrounded by love and support!
Sadly, we all were so busy enjoying the evening 
with good friends and my artwork that we failed to take a single picture.

But I did manage to get pictures of my art...

"Eat More Cake"

"Letting Go"

"Sweet Fragrance"

"Fresh Cut"

"This Is Our Town"

"Fly Away Home"


"Busy Bee"

"My Inspiration"

"Lighthouses and Lobsters"

"The Recital"

Here you can see a little bit of my work in progress...

The result...


"He Loves Me"

My paintings in the gallery...

My pictures are not the best...mostly taken with my iphone.
I need to work on my photography skills.
And I wish I had some pictures of the evening of the party. 
They served food and wine and decorated the gallery perfectly.
I have beautiful memories in my head :)

Thank you to my beautiful friends for such a wonderful evening!
Not sure I have ever received such a special gift!!

Although it was not my main intention to sell any of my paintings 
on that evening...I did sell some of them!
So that was an added bonus.
And the exposure was really great.
I am working on some more paintings for another event this fall.
I will keep you posted with pictures and progress as I go.

Blessings to all - Sara


  1. what a wonderful thing for your friends to do, sara:) you have a beautiful painting talent and i love that iu painting esp--pinned it.:)

    1. Awe thank you Lynn!! I have missed my blog, but have been very busy in my art room :)